Sara Sinker

Partner - Head of Conveyancing

0208 848 9988

We have been dealing with property since the practice was founded in 1919. We recognise that buying or moving home is a stressful matter for most people arising only rarely. We currently have 6 very experienced conveyancers operating in teams with considerable support staff, also highly experienced, who act professionally with all aspects of buying and selling a residential property, freehold or leasehold, privately or by auction, older or listed properties, newly built property on small or major developments. Together we have many many years’ experience and Partners, Solicitors, Legal Executives and others are involved. Between all there is experience in other areas of law which is often useful.

We operate with care and courtesy to all our clients at all time; we are always available by phone or email and receive many appreciative messages from clients when transactions are concluded.

On purchase we will:-

• Take your detailed instructions and give initial advice;
• Deal with money laundering and identity check requirements;
• Review and check title to the property, its plan, information provided on protocol forms, including a list of fittings and contents, report to you thereon and raise additional enquiries, e.g. for planning matters;
• Make searches with the local land charges office at the local authority and with the drainage/water authority, environmental search and any others appropriate and necessary;
• Review any mortgage offer and advise you on the legal aspects. We are on the panels of most major lending institutions in the UK; in the rare event we are not we would liaise with the lender’s solicitors;
• Consider the terms of the draft contract and approve this;
• Then make a full report to you arranging for you to sign the contract and pay the deposit required then – usually 10%, but could be lower if your circumstances require that;
• When all parties are ready, contracts are then exchanged and a date for completion (i.e. moving) is set;
• Draft the Transfer deed and carry out pre-completion administration;
• Statement and final account are prepared and sent to you; where you are taking a mortgage loan we give the required Certificate of Title to your lender for draw-down of funds; we make final searches at the Land Registry and for bankruptcy and complete the purchase;
• Prepare, and you sign, the required stamp duty land tax return and, following completion, this is filed and the tax paid. (In Wales there is now the Land Transaction Tax);
• Then deal with registration of the Transfer of the property to you at the Land Registry and supply a copy with any other deeds and documents you should retain.
On sale we will:-

• Take your instructions and give initial advice requesting title deeds if held by you.
• Deal with money laundering and identity check requirements.
• Unless unregistered we obtain official copies of your title and plan from the Land Registry and notify any mortgage lender.
• Forward to you the nationally used Information Forms to complete carefully and return.
• Draft the contract and submit this with the Information Forms to your buyer’s solicitors.
• Usually they will raise enquiries on the papers upon which we may refer to you and then reply.
• When the contract is approve prepare a signature copy and forward this for you to sign and check proposals for the completion date raised by the Buyer’s conveyancer.
• Following exchange of contracts we approve the draft Transfer Deed and reply to final requisitions on the title.
• Then obtain final redemption figure on your mortgage/s, prepare final figures including our account and those of any estate agent.
• Upon receipt of the purchase monies on the day of completion we account to you with the net proceeds after deducting monies required on any related purchase. We can arrange to transfer funds electronically to your account.

At the outset we will give our best estimate of likely charges, government taxes and disbursements which will arise. Note these can vary where complications arise of which we will notify you and keep you informed.

The following is a guide only to likely fees:-

On purchase:-

£200,000 to £750,000 - £795
£750,001 to £2,000.00 - £1500
£2,000.000 above - on application
Mortgage Loan - £125 to £425 (varied on the amount and lender’s terms)
Electronic identity check - £25 per person
Stamp Duty Land Tax Return - £85
Electronic money transfer fee - £40 per transfer

VAT currently at 20% is payable upon all our fees and charges.

The following taxes and disbursements will arise:-
Searches (estimated average) £300 currently
Stamp Duty Land Tax – as arises on price – Please here for the SDLT calculator.
Land Registry fees – on scale - £135, £270 and £455 over £1,000.000

On sale:-

Sale - as purchase price scale above
Redemption of mortgage - £125 per mortgage
Electronic identity check £25.00 per person (unless charges on a related purchase)
Electronic money transfer fee £40 per transfer
VAT currently at 20% is payable upon all our fees and charges

The following disbursements will arise:-
Copies £6 to £30 usually

Note there will be an additional charge plus VAT for the following:-
Leasehold property - £200 usually – checking lease, dealing with the landlord, his title, ground rent, service charges, insurance etc.
Unregistered property - £200 usually – considering title and preparing epitome (on sale) and registering at Land Registry (on purchase)

Note also issues can arise with the value of the property, for a first-time buyer, on a re-mortgage, on second property/holiday home, joint ownership, where property is sold by receivers or administrators after repossession, on failure of a party to complete on time and other matters. Special arrangements arise under the Right to Buy, Shared Ownership Schemes, Islamic mortgages and more uncommon matters. We have expertise in all these areas and will advise.